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The day many parents dread has arrived. Your six year old turned 16 overnight and is excited to head out to the DMV to get their driver’s license. While it’s not very practical to drive your teen wherever they need to go for 16 more years, it is extremely practical to learn safe driving tips and review them often with your teen before they hit the road. Here are 10 teen driver safety tips every parent of teens should know:

1. CHOOSE SAFE CARS – This isn’t a good time to give Johnny a brand new sports car. Look for options with a smaller engine, advanced safety equipment and a good crash test safety record. Reliability and safety is key when choosing the best car for your teen.

2. DRIVER’S TRAINING COURSE & DEFENSIVE DRIVING COURSE – Check with your agent to see what options are available in your area. Not only are these smart options to help your teen be a safer driver, but you may also qualify for insurance discounts upon completion of one or both of these courses.

3. BUCKLE UP – Most teens grew up understanding the phrase, “Click it or Ticket”. Remind them to buckle up as soon as they get into the vehicle and make sure any passengers are buckled as well before driving.

4. TURN OFF THE CELL PHONE – Several studies have indicated that using a cell phone, even a hands-free phone, is the equivalent of drunk driving. Some states even prohibit the use of cell phones while driving.

5. PLS DNT TXT + DRIVE – Research has shown that on average, texting can cause a driver to lose focus on the road for approximately 4.6 seconds. Tragedy can happen in an instant. Don’t text. Period.

6. MINIMIZE ADDITIONAL DISTRACTIONS – Eating, drinking, playing with the radio dial/CD player can cause you to lose focus and potentially lose control of the vehicle. Also avoid driving when emotional. Stay alert and focused.

7. OBEY SPEED LIMITS – Drive the posted speed limit to increase your chance of a safe trip and to also keep insurance rates down. Speeding is a major cause of fatal teen accidents and can also increase your insurance cost if pulled over and issued a speeding ticket.

8. AVOID TEEN PASSENGERS – Having an additional teen passenger in the vehicle increases the risk to lose focus, get distracted and have an accident.

9. CHECK THE WEATHER FORECAST – If your teen doesn’t have to drive during inclement weather, keep them home or transport them yourself. Inclement weather increases the risk of accidents with all drivers, but the risk escalates with young, inexperienced drivers.

10. TALK TO YOUR TEEN – In addition to helping to prepare your teen to drive safely, talk to them often about their experience. They will make mistakes, but if you discuss how important it is to practice safe driving techniques, they will be less likely to take unnecessary risks. There is no substitute for driving experience, but you can help your teen minimize the odds of becoming another teenage driving accident statistic.

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