4 Auto Insurance FAQs – Part 2 – Sleek & Williamson Insurance

faqAccording to the U.S. Census Bureau’s population clock, the estimated 2015 United States population is approximately 321 million. Roughly 212 million of the population includes licensed drivers. That is a lot of people on the roads with a lot of distractions. Our mission at Sleek & Williamson is to help keep you and your family protected on the roads. We have gathered 4 additional FAQs to help educate you on auto insurance and how to address some real life potential challenges.

1.   WHAT IF I HAVE AN AUTO ACCIDENT? First of all try to remain calm in order to access the situation. Check for injuries and call 911 immediately if necessary. If possible, move your vehicle off the road onto the shoulder or side street and turn on your hazard lights. Locate your insurance policy, driver’s license, and vehicle registration. Contact the police to obtain an accident report. Then call your insurance agent immediately after for instructions on processing the claim and possible roadside assistance.

2.   WHAT DO I DO IF MY VEHICLE IS STOLEN? Call 911 immediately to report the theft. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), a car in the U.S. is stolen every 44 seconds. Some vehicles come standard with systems using GPS technology to help locate stolen vehicles. Be sure to let the police know if you have this type of system when you call to report the theft. The next call is to your insurance agent to let them know that your car has been stolen and to discuss the necessary steps moving forward to process a claim.

3.   WILL MY INSURANCE RATES INCREASE AFTER AN ACCIDENT OF IF MY VEHICLE IS STOLEN? It’s possible. Vehicle theft is covered under comprehensive coverage. This type of claim does not make your rates increase, but some companies offer a claim free discount. However, when you file a claim, you run the risk of potentially losing the discount, resulting in a rate increase.

4.   COULD MY DRIVER’S LICENSE BE SUSPENDED FOR NOT HAVING INSURANCE? Yes, but it’s very rare. Insurance in the state of Georgia is mandatory if you own a vehicle. If you let your insurance expire for 10 days, there is a $25 fine. If that length of time increases to 30 days without insurance, the fine increases to $60. If you have more than one lapse in coverage over 3 years, the fine is $185. Continued negligence of insurance laws can result in a suspension of your driver’s license.


We hope that these additional 4 auto insurance FAQs in Part 2 of this series shed some light on the process of understanding auto insurance coverage in the state of Georgia and how to address some real life challenges.

No matter what life situation crosses your path, you can depend on the team at Sleek & Williamson to have you covered. If you have any questions regarding auto insurance or other lines of insurance coverage, please give us a call today at (770) 489-2403.



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