Douglasville Auto Insurance | Is your Car Ready for a Labor Day Weekend Trip?

Are you getting ready for a trip over the long, Labor Day weekend? Don’t forget to get your car ready too! Too often people forget to make sure their vehicle is in good working order before they leave on a long trip. This results in break downs, car trouble and AAA calls on the side of the road. This can cause quite the headache, especially if traveling with young children.  Here are a few things you can check before you hit the road to help you make sure your trip is all smooth sailings – minus the repetitive “Are we there yet?” from your kids!

  1. Windshield Wipers – You never know when a rainstorm will pop up when you are on the road. Be sure that your windshield wipers are working well and that your windshield wiper fluid is topped off. The good news is that this is a quick, inexpensive and easy DIY job.
  2. Car Battery – One of the most common issues in a vehicle is due to the battery. Stop by your local automotive store and have your battery tested to make sure it is in good, working order. Most stores will perform this test for free! Keep jumper cables in your car just in case someone leaves a light on overnight that drains your battery.
  3. Brakes – Do your brakes feel good? If they are making any weird noises or are starting to feel like they don’t work as well as they used to, it’s time to get them checked. You could just need to top off your brake fluid or you may even need replacements. Faulty brakes can cause an accident, so if you are not sure, have a licensed mechanic give them a look before you head out on your trip.
  4. Tires – Don’t forget to check your tires’ tread and pressure before you leave. Look for any deformities on the tires that could cause a blowout later. Be sure to keep a spare and the necessary tools for a tire change in your vehicle just in case you do get a flat on the trip.

We hope you all have a safe and fun Labor Day weekend! For more information about our auto insurance policies – give us a call at 770-489-2403 or contact us online at

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