Douglasville Auto Insurance | Is your Vehicle Ready for Cold Weather?

People don’t think twice about getting their home ready for the fall and winter seasons, but what about our vehicles? They need attention too! Fortunately, we don’t have to worry about a lot of heavy snowfall like our friends up north, but we do dip into freezing temperatures and get the occasional sleet and ice in this part of Georgia. Getting your vehicle ready for these cold temperatures will help it perform better this winter, whether you are sticking around here in Georgia or visiting friends or family in a colder and snowier climate. You will also be prepared in the event of a breakdown.

Check your Oil

Dirty or low oil is one of the most common reasons for a vehicle breakdown. As you know, our winters vary from year to year. If we have a prolonged, freezing winter, it may be a good idea to have your normal oil replaced with oil that is thinner than normal. Oil will expand when it reaches a certain, cold temperature. When this happens, the oil cannot do as good of a job lubricating your engine, causing problems. Of course, we may have a mild winter and in that case, your normal oil should work just fine. When the temperatures start dropping into the freezing range, talk with your mechanic and ask their advice or consult the manufacturer’s guide for your vehicle.

Replace your Windshield Wipers

If you have noticed that your windshield wipers are not working as they probably should, go ahead and replace those. You want to make sure that they are going to do their job if you are driving when it begins to sleet or snow. You should also make sure you have your windshield fluid topped off. Don’t skimp and use water here, because water will freeze if it gets too cold.

Test your Heater and Defroster

Go ahead and make sure your heater and defroster are working properly. You don’t want to find them broken when you are running out to work on the first day of freezing weather. Your defroster is important for making sure you can see clearly out all of your windows on those cold, early mornings.

Check your Battery

While asking someone to help restart your car battery may not normally be a big deal, it will seem like a bigger deal when it is freezing outside. Check your battery to make sure there is no corrosion. If your battery is old and has a hard time holding a charge, you may want to think about go ahead and replacing that.

Check your Tires

You should be checking your tires regularly throughout the year, but you should be even more vigilant when there is possible icy or snowy conditions. Make sure your tire pressure is where it needs to be, that your tread is not too worn and that the tires themselves are in good shape.

Keep an Emergency Kit Ready

The goal is to keep your vehicle working as it should through the fall and winter seasons, but you should always be prepared just in case. In our area, you don’t have to worry about being stranded in the snow, but it can still get really cold! So make sure you have these items put away in an emergency kit for the next several months:

  • a blanket and/or an extra set of warm clothes (especially important if you travel with young children)
  • extra water and food, including hard candies
  • an ice scraper
  • a flashlight
  • flares
  • jumper cables
  • a tool kit
  • a tire gauge
  • a spare tire with air in it
  • tire-changing equipment
  • a first-aid kit
  • paper towels
  • a bag of abrasive material such as sand, salt or non-clumping kitty litter, which can provide additional traction if a tire gets stuck in snow.

We hope these tips will be helpful to you as you prepare your vehicle for the winter season. If you have any other tips for winterizing your car, stop by our Facebook page and share with our online community. We would love to hear from you!

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