Hurricane Preparedness for Businesses

Don’t be fooled by the lull this summer. As with most disasters or accidents, you can never accurately predict when or where something might happen! Even if we don’t experience any hurricane activity this year, it’s a great practice for every business to have a few key preparedness items ready.

Create a Grab Box

If something happened – flood, fire, tornado – do you have all of the important items you need handy? You likely won’t have time to pick up all of your information, so creating a virtual “box” of important items can provide peace of mind. Here are a few things to include:

  • List of employees, vendors and customers
  • Copy of business license, insurance policies
  • Contact info for emergency help, including plumbers, electricians
  • Logins/passwords for online assets
  • Latest financials
  • Inventory information
  • Video of business equipment and furnishings
  • Copies of business plans and bank statements

Make Preparations before They are Needed

Don’t wait to ensure your building and employees are safe.

  • Have regular inspections of the grounds to ensure nothing needs repair
  • Consider a regular maintenance agreement to ensure your electrical, HVAC and more are up to par
  • Ensure drainage is good
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