National Preparedness Month – Tips to Prepare for Emergencies

2016 National Preparedness Month LogoKeeping you and your family safe is very important to our team at Sleek & Williamson. During the month of September, families, businesses, communities and governments across the United States focus on preparedness. While Mother Nature has already served up a few weather disasters, we still must take action to prepare now and throughout the year for emergencies. Learn more about the steps you can take to ensure you have a plan that will keep you and your family safe even if a disaster strikes.

1. MAKE A PLAN: Communication is key in preparedness. Make a family emergency communication plan that addresses how to reunite after an emergency if separated. Address the needs of elderly or special needs persons, young children and pets in your home. Be sure and communicate your plan with family and friends before disaster strikes. (Learn more about Emergency Communication Plans and download plan templates here.)

2. MAKE A READY KIT: Be prepared with an emergency supply kit, aka “Ready Kit”. Each family, individual or business has different needs. Most of the items are inexpensive and easy to find, and any one of them could save your life. Don’t forget to consider any unique needs beyond the basics for elderly or special needs persons, young children and pets. (Download a ready kit checklist here.)

 3. MAKE SURE TO UNDERSTAND YOUR INSURANCE POLICY: Keeping our clients safe is our number one priority. While we can’t prevent disasters from happening, we can help protect your home and property from potential damages. We work with our clients to find the best coverage for their needs. We then make sure to go over the policy so they understand it completely. Having an agent you trust to ensure you are getting the best coverage to protect you and your loved ones is critical. If you unfortunately experience a severe weather disaster, please contact our office first before turning in a claim. Our experts can advise you if you have coverage for that specific lost and what your next steps should entail. It is never advisable to turn in a claim that isn’t covered.

4.  CONSIDER GETTING INVOLVED: When disaster strikes, every person counts. You could be the difference in someone’s life. If you already have a Ready Kit, considering creating one for a neighbor. You can also find volunteer opportunities in your community to help show others how to stay safe during a disaster.

No matter what life situation crosses your path, you can depend on the team at Sleek & Williamson to have you covered. If you have any questions regarding your homeowner’s policy, please give us a call today at (770) 489-2403.

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