Non-Traditional Spring Cleaning Tips: Sleek & Williamson Insurance

Copy of cleaningwindowSPRING. Many people associate this 6-letter word with taxes and spring cleaning. Feelings of despair and maybe even a case of hives can result from these two tasks associated with SPRING. But today we are leaving the taxes up to the experts and keeping the cleaning supplies in the pantry. Instead we are going to explore non-traditional spring cleaning tips!

1.    NEGATIVE NEWS DETOX: Take a break from Facebook, Twitter, 24-hour news programming and any other sources of negative news. Studies have shown that people become more anxious and depressed after being exposed to negative news reports.

2.    CHECK SMOKE ALARMS: If you already change out the smoke alarm battery on daylight savings dates, you are ahead of the game. If you have yet to get on a schedule, put it on your spring cleaning list every year. There is nothing worse than the screeching sound of your smoke alarm battery going off in the middle of the night.

3.    DISCOVER THE ART OF MINDFULNESS: Mindfulness is attentiveness to whatever we are doing – when we are doing it. It is deliberate and in the moment. Learn mindfulness skills and techniques to help you slow down and start living life in the present moment with “The Miracle of Mindfulness” by Thich Nhat Hanh. Living mindfully manifest joy!

4.    CHANGE FILTERS: With the onset of spring in the south, we are already experiencing warm temperatures. Be sure and change your air conditioning filter so you can help keep out dust and other allergens from invading your home and your lungs!

5.    SPRING CLEAN YOUR PC: This may seem like an odd tip, but it is quite important to help keep your computer performing more smoothly. Add defragging or optimizing your PC drive every spring to the spring cleaning list. Also remember to set up a backup plan for your data.

6.    REVALUATE YOUR INSURANCE PARTNER: Since spring is a time of “re-birth”, it’s also a great time to examine your insurance partner. Consider these guidelines when determining the right insurance partner for you!

We hope these non-traditional spring cleaning tips will no only help spring clean your mind, but also take care of a few to-do items that don’t involve cleaning products or taxes!

And if you are looking for a team of experienced professionals to help guide you through the insurance process, CHOOSE Sleek & Williamson Insurance Agency. Contact us today at (770) 489-2403 for more information regarding the RIGHT coverage with the RIGHT insurance partner for YOU! And if you are already a client of Sleek & Williamson, we are PROUD to have you in the family!


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