Reevaluating Your Insurance Can Save You Hundreds: A Real Story

cfe747ec-5fef-45c5-b16f-2c96f8aed39bA Customer Testimonial:

A current Sleek & Williamson customer had been a client of several national insurance agencies for almost 50 years. When unfortunately faced with the passing of her husband, she needed to reevaluate her insurance policy to better fit her needs. Life brings to the table changes all the time. Some changes, such as the death of a spouse, require you to reevaluate many aspects of your life. Unfortunately her insurance agency was unhelpful in trying to reevaluate what type of insurance was right for her. Not only was she enduring a painful loss, she also wasn’t getting the support she needed to pick up the pieces and move forward.

Hope was inspired when a trusted friend recommended she reach out to Sleek & Williamson Insurance Agency. Referrals from quality sources speak loudly about who provides the best service in the community. She was looking for a local company that wanted what was best for HER, not what was simply available or the monthly special at a one-carrier agency.

Owners and agents Kathy Sleek and Mark Williamson met with her to discuss her needs, likely insurance situations and what she should expect from an independent insurance agency. Since Kathy and Mark have worked with many insurance carriers for over 25 years, they were able to customize an insurance plan with the BEST carrier for HER. And not only did she receive insurance that was stable, secure and appropriate for whatever life situation that may come her way, her premiums went down over $500 a year. She was paying less in premiums, yet she had better coverage by choosing the team at Sleek & Williamson!

More importantly, she no longer has to struggle with trying to get someone on the phone or to use an impersonal site for important claims. She’s experiencing the high quality, personal customer service that Sleek & Williamson is known for. They work diligently to ensure their clients are fully satisfied that their assets are protected. And unlike her experience with the national insurance agency, she is confident that Sleek & Williamson will be there for her when she needs them.

If you need to consider reevaluating your insurance policy due to life changes, contact the professionals at Sleek & Williamson at (770) 489-2403. We understand life throws us curveballs. We are here to help you catch them and move forward.

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