Sleek and Williamson Car Insurance | Defensive Driving Tips for your Summer Trips

School is out and summer will soon officially start! This means lots of traveling, vacations, and road trips with family and friends. Because of the increased number of travelers on the road, you often see a rise in the number of accidents during this time of year. You can’t control how others drive (though we often wish we could), but you can control how you drive. If you really want to brush up on your defensive driving skills, find a course near you. In the meantime, check out these defensive driving tips:

1. Limit distractions: This means waiting to reply back to the text that just chirped at you, or letting your fast food wait until it is safe to eat. If you have teen drivers, talk to them about not texting and driving and make sure you are setting a good example.
2. Keep your eyes on the road: You should always make sure you are taking in the surroundings around you. It is easy to get distracted by beautiful scenery or even checking out the advertisement signs on the side of the road, but it is important to always keep your eyes on the road – looking at the big picture (the whole road and all surrounding cars) and not just the car ahead of you.
3. Cut out the aggressive driving: Lane changes should be limited to when it is time to get off your exit, or for passing an exceptionally slow driver going under the speed limit. We have all encountered the impatient, speeding driver that is flying back and forth between lanes – this can cause accidents.
4. Look both ways: When you are going through an intersection, it is good practice to look both ways to make sure someone is not running through a red light. This is a common cause of accidents, but can sometimes be avoided by checking first. You also want to make sure you always check your mirrors before changing lanes or moving into reverse.
5. Stay away from bad drivers: If you spot someone driving recklessly, stay back. It is easy to get mad and exhibit road rage by tailing them, or slowing down dramatically, but this can cause an accident that hurts yourself and other innocent drivers. If someone is truly driving reckless, call the police when safe to do so.

These are just a few tips that can help you become a better defensive driver. Be sure to find out more about the defensive driving courses offered in your area to learn even more valuable advice that can help you become a better driver that avoids accidents.

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