Sleek & Williamson Insurance Agency | Steps to Take if you Witness a Vehicular Accident

Have you ever wondered what you should if you witness a vehicular crash? Maybe you have been the witness to an unfortunate accident and were unsure how to proceed? If you answered yes to either of those questions then read on while we discuss a few key steps you should take if you are ever to be present for a car accident.

Are you the first person to come across the accident?

If so, pull off the road out of the way of moving traffic and about 100 feet from the afflicted vehicles. You should always turn on your emergency flashers so that emergency workers will be able to easily find you and to alert other drivers that there has been a wreck and to use caution while proceeding.

Is anyone injured?

Approach the vehicle with caution and ascertain the extent of the injuries. You do not need to help an injured person at this point unless there is a danger of a burning or exploding car or if they are no longer breathing. It is important to remember that moving an injured person that is in no immediate danger can cause further and lasting injury such as paralysis.

Call for help.

Call 911 and be ready to give as many details as you can. They will need to know your exact location, how many people are involved and the extent of their injuries.

Should you move the vehicle out of the way?

If there are no substantial injuries in the accident and the car is still working, have the driver move his vehicle off the road and out of the way. Combine a misplaced vehicle and a distracted driver and it is possible that another accident could occur. Avoid moving the car yourself unless an authorized person such as a police officer asks you to.

Should you take pictures?

If everyone is out of danger, it is a good idea to take pictures of the damage so that the involved parties can use them for insurance purposes.

We hope that these tips will be useful to you in the event that you witness a car crash. For more information about auto, home or business insurance – please give us a call at (770) 489-2403 or contact us online.


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